Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Word From Our Air Jam Chair

Sitting in Emens Auditorium surrounded by crazy college kids screaming for their favorite groups, the light show and amazing performances really made Air Jam a spectacular event to attend my sophomore year in the fall of 2011. I had so much fun cheering on groups with my friends and all the performances were amazing! I remember leaving and thinking, I have to be a part of this somehow next year.
Since I knew my dancing skills were not up to par, I decided to see how else I could get involved. After searching around I found out that Ball State has a Homecoming Steering Committee made up of students from all sorts of majors who plan all the events related to homecoming. I applied that spring and made the committee as the Publicity Chairman. Although I was nervous about the position and the responsibilities to come, I was so excited and honored to make the committee!
Homecoming planning starts in February and lasts until the second homecoming week is over. I thoroughly enjoyed my first year on the committee as the publicity chair. I had a blast doing the job and even though it was a lot of work. I don't think I've ever had a better real world experience related to my major. I got to design the logo, all promotional items, create the media guide, build relationships with local media and set up interviews for other members of the committee with the media.
After having such a wonderful year on the committee as a junior, I knew I was going to apply again as a senior. Back in February, I found out that I was selected as the Air Jam Chair. I was ecstatic to say the least. I really wanted this position when I applied and was so happy to be the chair! 
I can't tell you the amount of times I day dream about the show on a weekly basis. It was surreal to be introduced as a committee on stage in front of 3,000 audience members last year, and I can't imagine what it's going to feel like to be the chair of the event that night.
When I tell people about my involvement with the steering committee, a lot of people ask me why I like planning the events instead of going to them. Yes, sometimes being on the committee is stressful, involves a lot of my time, getting up early and staying up late on top of everything else I am involved in at Ball State, but the reward and experience is absolutely priceless. Through the committee, you meet so many students across campus, alumni, faculty and staff that will provide great connections in the future. You will make the greatest friends from the committee, get real world work experience and some Ball State Homecoming swag along the way. Watching all the hard work you put into an event come to life and be a great success is the most wonderful feeling. And there is nothing more that I look forward to during homecoming week than that feeling.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Word From Our Parade Chair

I can still vividly remember the day that I found out that I had been chosen as the parade chair for Ball State Homecoming 2013. I was so excited! The parade was my favorite part of homecoming my freshman year so I was pumped to be planning it my sophomore year. I was a little nervous going into the first committee meeting but as soon as I walked in the room, I knew that these people were going to be great people to work with. When we started planning and choosing a theme, October seemed so far away. The parade seemed like an event sometime in the very distant future that was just in my imagination. Now, the start of Homecoming week is less than two weeks away and our time together as a committee is almost over.
I’ve had so many great experiences while being a part of the Steering Committee. If I had to pick a favorite part though, it would probably be the overall experience. Being able to be a part of such an important event at Ball State has been really cool. Through that, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of awesome people, like my fellow committee members. It’s hard to believe that one year ago we didn’t know each other and now we’ve sat in meetings together, debated themes, aggravated each other, helped each other out and ultimately made it through this crazy seven months of planning together.
The parade is, in my non-biased opinion of course, is the best part of homecoming week. It brings together Ball State Students, staff, alumni, and the Muncie community. It’s a great way for all Ball State fans, students and community members alike, to boast their Cardinal Pride. We are also including a student section this year to give Ball State students a place to enjoy the parade and get pumped up for the football game together. There will be free doughnuts provided by Marsh and free Ball State Homecoming toboggan hats. WCRD will also be there to provide entertainment. The goal is that this area of the parade will be an area where students can enjoy the parade and help to create a spirited atmosphere.
You’ve probably started to hear lots about homecoming, but there’s a good reason. Homecoming is one of Ball State’s greatest traditions and is a week full of awesome activities (most of which are free)! The more involved you get, the more memories you’ll have to look back on! I know I can speak for the whole committee when I say that we hope to see you at lots of events during Homecoming week! Go Cards!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Look into All Things Special Events!

Hello! I am Justin Miller and I am one of the Special Events chairs for BSU’s Steering Committee. My role is to help plan the Homecoming Village, Bed Race, Blood Drive, and our new 5k race! Its hard to believe that its coming down to less than three weeks to the beginning of Ball State’s Homecoming 2013, but my co-chair Jordyn Shreiner and I are hard at work to make sure all the events this year are something to remember for the students and community!

We hope everybody who is planning on competing in the Bed Race this year is getting all of their teams and costumes ready! Just as a reminder we will be accepting entry forms Thursday September 26th from 9am-4pm at a table in the Atrium, so don’t miss this chance to sign up! There will be age division prizes, overall winner trophies, and a best costume trophy. We just tested the beds the other day and they are ready to go!

We have also been working very hard on putting together the first ever Homecoming 5k race the morning of the parade. With the help of America Multi-Sport we are going to be offering a very exciting 5k experience for all runners and walkers by allowing them to be racing down the parade route before the parade starts! So if you’ve always needed a huge crowd to motivate you to get out and run this is your chance! We are hoping to draw a huge field. Right now we have 95 signed up and are anticipating to have well over 100 people in the race! It is one of the unique ways that students, alumni and the Muncie community can get involved in the Ball State Homecoming experience together. We hope to see you there!

I encourage you to get involved in Homecoming this year. It is a very exciting experience at Ball State that we are working hard to share with you! Make some new friends and memories by getting out and participating in what we have to offer. Go Cards!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

A look into this year's Talent Search Competition...

Hey everyone! It’s that time of year again- time to start getting PUMPED UP about Homecoming week! I’m Hollie Puckett, and I am the Talent Search Chair for Ball State’s 2013 Homecoming Steering Committee.  It’s been a blast getting to know the rest of the committee so far.  It’s crazy to think that most of us didn’t know each other just a few short months ago, but we’re like family now and have been working like crazy to make this year’s Homecoming the best one yet!

Now let’s talk about Talent Search.  I KNOW that most of you reading this have some sort of talent hidden up your sleeve… Can you sing? Dance? Play piano? Guitar? Juggle? (Just kidding… Kind of) Anyway…. Talent Search is on Tuesday, October 8th at 7:30 PM in Emens Auditorium.  For all of you interested in performing, you can find more info and the entry form at this link:

All entry forms are due by September 19th to the Alumni Center/Homecoming Office, and when you drop your form off you’ll sign up for an audition slot.  Auditions are September 23rd and 24th from 5:30-8:30, but get your entry form turned in ASAP because we are limiting it to the first 70 entries!  Twenty finalists will be selected to perform in the following categories: Dance, Female Vocal, Male Vocal, Instrumental, Musical Group, Freestyle, Acoustic, and Original Composition.  Getting to perform in Emens Auditorium to a crowd of over 1,000 people is an incredible opportunity in and of itself, but each category winner will receive a $500 Scholarship, and the overall winner will receive an additional $500 scholarship. Now’s your chance to show of your talents, Ball State!

For the rest of you who are afraid to show off all those talents of yours… Believe me, you won’t want to miss this show! Come on out to Emens Auditorium on October 8th to check out all of the talented performances, cheer on your friends, and to get Pride Points for your organization.  Admission is free for students thanks to SGA’s sponsorship, and there will be lots of giveaways!

If you have any questions about Talent Search or just about Homecoming in general, feel free to email me at  There’s No Place Like Homecoming… The best week of the year is only FOUR WEEKS away, and I could not be more excited for the good times that are ahead.

Friday, September 6, 2013

A Word From Our Campus Relations Chairs: Part 2

         It’s crazy to think how fast the past few months have flown by! It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting in a conference room trying to learn the names of everyone else in steering committee. We’re now 5 weeks out from Homecoming and thankfully I at least know the names of my fellow committee Chairs. 
         Learning names is kind of my job though as the Campus Relations Chair. My job has been a ton of fun so far, though trying to hit up every organization on campus provides many unique challenges (did I mention there are over 380 organizations!?). 
         The ‘job,’ if I can even call it that, is so rewarding and I love every second of it. It is amazing to see so many different people from around campus and see all of the incredible clubs that Ball State has to offer: did you know we have a TOMs club!? I’ve already met with over ten organizations this year and yet have so many more to go! 
         If YOU would like to get involved with homecoming, or would like me to visit your organization, feel free to email me at OR

A Word From Our Campus Relations Chairs

This year, we will be introducing a new event; The Red Brick Relays. The Red Brick Relays will be a challenge-oriented event where each challenge corresponds with a character. So, for Dorothy, contestants will have to run in her red high heels and collect baby oiled balloons; while teams will be given a pair of overalls and be required to fill them with a bale of hay, before carrying the teammate over the finish line first for the scarecrow.

For the Tin Man, teams of three are asked to find a way to get the Tin Man’s heart out of the cold. Two teammates’ challenge is to work together to melt the ice however they can to retrieve the heart.  Finally, for the Cowardly Lion, a fear factor challenge requires contestants to stick their hand in a tank of crickets and retrieve Toto from the bottom!

The awkward amount of tension, excitement, and anxiety that I have the Red Brick Relays cannot be explained in words. It reminds me of the feeling a child has when he is walking down the stairs to a Christmas tree; he knows that there is gift, but what exactly will it be?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Word From Our Community & Alumni Chairs!

          My name is Hayley Williams & I am one of the two Community & Alumni Chairs for Ball State University Homecoming 2013! The other Community & Alumni Chair is Kaylon King! We have been working since last April getting prepared for Homecoming 2013! Our main job has been to go out to the businesses in our community and get donations and sponsorships for the week of homecoming. We will pass out the donations, such as gift cards and discounts, throughout the week to Ball State students as they participate throughout the week in events. 
          Kaylon and I have also been promoting the annual Alumni Golf Outing that is taking place at the Delaware Country Club on Friday, October 11th. The golf outing is open to the public, and you do not have to be Ball State Alum to participate. 
          Kaylon and I are very excited and for Homecoming! All of our hard work is collecting and preparing up until homecoming week. Our work is pretty much done once homecoming week begins which will allow us to assist with whatever help the other committee members need throughout the week! If you are interested in participating in the golf outing or if you know of any businesses who would like to donate or help sponsor Ball State Homecoming, 
please visit 
         Only six weeks until Ball State Homecoming 2013!